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This is Minore

Based in Yorkshire, MINOREa�? began life

To some degree MINOREa�? history tracks the life and evolution of our industry. Established in 1956 as South Elmsall Quarries Ltd and based in the heartland of Yorkshire, we soon became a trusted industry leader for waste management and quarrying in the region. Eager not to rest upon our laurels, and always looking forward, we evolved to become Mineral Processing Ltd, which again saw us innovating in our sector by mining previously filled landfills. Now as MINOREa�?, with 50 years experience in hand, and an unfaltering commitment to our industry and clients, we continue to innovate and lead the way in the recycling and reuse of natural capitals. Immersed in circular economy modelling, we offer our clients a unique, responsible and commercially centered approach to waste management, something we call – Repurposinga�?